ABout us

Located in the Montreal West Island area (Canada), GREENSOLV specializes in the development and production of green chemical solutions for industries as well as surface and paint specialists. Our customers know us for our excellent customer service, our focus on finding practical and innovative solutions, our emphasis on Research and Development and, last but not least, our environmental protection orientation.

GREENSOLV serves the Canadian, United-States and Japan markets. Our customers are mostly manufacturers / transformers of metal components (aerospace, industrial, military), surface coating distributors and applicators, machining workshops, printers, and paint stores.

Our company looks to the future. We try to understand and respond to tomorrow’s issues by offering global solutions based on fundamental principles such as 3 “R” : Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. We work closely with and for our customers to help reduce their usage of chemical products, effluents, and fumes. We must not forget our suppliers with whom we share a close working relationship and who contribute to our finding solutions to recycle and reuse customers used products.

Our goal is straightforward: help our customers be more efficient, more productive, and greener. This benefits society in general and the individuals’ quality of life.


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